Flash mobs and face-to-face campaigning.

The staff and the main lines of public transport of Helsinki city on February 8, 9 and 11. The staff of Helsinki and Tampere association volunteers wear vests with campaign graphics delivering material and balloons to the public. The flash mob choreography consists of single letters Y-E-S I-C-A-N-! on tables that will form the motto of #EpilepsyDay when raised by 8 people.

There is also more traditional face-to-face campaigning around the country in shopping malls and other places. The vests, flyers etc. are made for volunteers. Actually, campaigning doesn’t just happen on these days, but during the whole year. The launching and main advocacy is on February 8. A new element for the FEA is fundraising with a bucket collection.

The January 2016 Epilepsy Magazine is fully dedicated to the International Epilepsy Day. There are three personal stories enlightening the lives with epilepsy and realizing the message “Yes I can”. A press release was distributed on the February 2 and sent to all Finnish media. In addition to that the member associations are challenged to contact local media.

Epilepsy.org and facebook.com/villiavirtaa will be actively posting information about the campaign from the February 2 to 12. The members of associations and other PWE and their caregivers are asked to post their photos with #EpilepsyDay hashtag.

In addition the FEA has agreed with a prominent online publication to post a quiz to get people test their knowledge about epilepsy and how to handle a seizure as an emergency situation.