Given the wet weather conditions during the month of February in Zambia, it has been difficult to have outdoor activities to commemorate the International Epilepsy Day. However, this year the Association participated in sensitizing the
Community on Epilepsy through interviews and health talks.


The highlighted interview was held was on Saturday, 10th February, 2018, where Mr. Anthony Mulenga Zimba, Chairman
of the Association, appeared on the national Radio Station phone-in programme at the Zambia National Broadcasting Services to announce the activities lined up for the epilepsy week and answer questions from listeners. It was encouraging to hear callers from all parts of the country participating and expressing their gratitude for a talk on epilepsy.


A sensitization talk which was supposed to be held on 6th February, 2018 at Ministry of Home Affairs, was held on Wednesday, 14th February in conjunction with the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD). The theme was centered on ‘Common Disabilities and their myths’. Mr. Zimba began with topics on epilepsy, followed by Mrs. Emmah Kaputo Phiri from ZAPD who gave a presentation on various disabilities and urged all to treat people with disabilities
with the respect they deserve. Not to overly feel pity but interact with them normally.
More than forty workers in attendance appreciated the presentations. Most of those in attendance felt enlightened and
the misconceptions they held earlier were dispelled. The Ministry of Home Affairs was targeted because it handles issues of internal security and correctional services.
Under the Correctional Service, there are a number of epilepsy clients incarcerated for committing crimes such as arson and murder. It was, therefore, prudent to discuss issues related to epilepsy to aid understanding the causes, dispelling myths and also encourage seeking treatment from qualified medical personnel at earliest stage of the condition. The audience were glad the important message was delivered and requested for more talks on the topic as some had relatives or friends living with epilepsy.

Others even requested for consultation appointments with Mr. Zimba.
Though we have in the past been accustomed to holding outdoor awareness activities and had challenges organizing indoor events, the Association realizes that the Epilepsy Day could be celebrated in any way possible. The health talk was a success and we thank the Ministry of Home Affairs Management for affording us the opportunity and providing lunch for all in attendance. Looking forward to holding similar events in the near future.



Compiled by:
Betty Barbara Nsachilwa
Administrative Secretary
Epilepsy Association of Zambia
P.O. Box 32443
Lusaka, Zambia