Edycs Epilepsy Group Mauritius launched its premier epilepsy awareness campaign at the Social Welfare Center of l’Amaury to mark the International Epilepsy Day, 13 February 2017, as observed by the IBE/ILAE.

The launching of the awareness campaign was graced by the Honourable Ravi Rutnah, Deputy Government Chief Whip in the presence of other eminent personalities including Edycs board members, staff and volunteers. The event largely broadcasted by the MBC Tv and press coverage was attended by a hundred families living the vicinity of l’Amaury. L’Amaury is a small community in Mauritius, having about 2,912 inhabitants and is located in the district of Riviere du Rempart.
The Honourable Ravi Rutnah spoke on the need to educate the community in epilepsy which is largely associated with stigmas and discriminations faced by the epilepsy sufferers. He laid emphasis on healthier lifestyle and eating habits which directly or indirectly may affect the brain resulting in seizures. Youssouf Noormamode, President Edycs spoke on the role of Edycs as an Ngo promoting education and awareness in the community surrounding epilepsy. He further called on all stakeholders to join efforts in bringing epilepsy out of the shadows thro awareness community education under the WHO/ILAE/IBE Global Campaign against Epilepsy.

A copy of the Epilepsy in the WHO African Region Report was handed over by Anas Mosaheb, Edycs Board Secretary to the Deputy Government Chief Whip, Hon. Ravi Rutnah.
Students from the University of Technology, namely Vikesh Khoosy, Goodur Tejaswinee, Linisha Culloo and Bhuruth Vidoushee having completed their internship at Edycs Epilepsy Group were awarded their Completion Certificates.