Thursday 9th February  2017, 8:00am to 12:00pm
Hajar Auditorium, HMC Education Center

For further information contact: Dr. Hassan Alhail


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8:00am-8:10amWelcomeBoulenouar Mesraoua
8:10am-8:30amSocial aspects of epilepsy in Middle EastHassan Al Hail

(President of QLAE)


What is it like to live with epilepsy?-

patient’s view

Yasser Othman
8:50am-9:20amDriving and Employment in EpilepsyBoulenouar Mesraoua
9:20am-9:40amHow to minimize side effects of AED drug in epileptic patientsGayane Melikyan
9:40am-10:00amLiving with a child with epilepsyKhalid Ibrahim
10:00am-10:30amManagement of epilepsy in femalesDr Nabil
10:30am-11:00amWhy is there stigma in epilepsy?Clonzalo
11:00am–11:30amSeizure percussion and first AIDBasim Uthman
11:30am-11:50amSurgical and non-Surgical treatment of epilepsyNaim Haddad
11.50am-12.00pmOrdination for EMU admissionAbdul Raheem
12.00pm-13.00pmCloseHassan Alhail