“I discovered the picture on my phone one day and think he made it while playing with my phone… For me the picture surely represents the theme ‘Life is beautiful’ because there’s so much love in it.

My daughter Roos (Rose in Dutch) was diagnoses with LGS one month before she turned 2. At that time I was pregnant for 3 months from my son Morris.

Roos now is 6 years old and we all have found our way in a life with epilepsy. Roos is despite of all her seizures a very happy girl and her own small world is beautiful. She doesn’t judge people, isn’t hateful or intolerant… She’s pure and enjoys her own beautiful world. We have the right equipment to make life easier for her (and us), we have a good team of doctors and caregivers around her and we try to make the best of life despite of all the unpredictable and stupid seizures. Roos her little brother Morris, caught up on her (mentally) when he became one. So though he is 2 years younger, he is Roos her bigger little brother (or older younger brother).

Roos has got lots of seizures every day and she often gets in a non convulsive status epilepticus. In the picture she’s in it.
For Morris it does not matter who or what Roos is and what she can or cannot do… Roos is just Roos… She is his big sister, he loves her and life is beautiful with her. And he is so right. It is beautiful with her!”-

Iris van der Meer, mother of Morris van de Smaal