Logan is 11 and truly a “super hero” for facing the challenges that epilepsy and autism has brought him! He has a VNS, had 2 laser ablation brain surgeries and is diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and autism.

Even though his parents constantly worry and see the hard times he goes through of being in and out of hospitals, doctor visits and lab-work – Logan is forever smiling on those rough days too. Logan is what makes life beautiful- just with him being himself!

Logan was diagnosed with epilepsy at 18 months old. Logan’s seizures can last from a minute to 5 minutes. Logan has to take a special medication to stop his seizures that last more than 5 minutes. Logan’s scariest seizure happened when he was 3 years old, lasting for 13 minutes. He had to be on a ventilator for 24 hours, because he couldn’t breathe on his own after that seizure and was in the n-icu.

Logan has had many trials of medications and up to 4 at one time to try to stop his seizures. Logan’s diagnosis is Intractable Epilepsy. Since the multitude of medications wasn’t helping him, Logan had surgery of a VNS implant to control seizures. Approximately one year after the VNS implant, Logan was able to start to come off of his 4 medications, very slowly one at a time. At one time,  Logan was finally only on one medication (which was still 12 pills a day) along with the increased rate of his VNS implant.  Now however he is back to multiple types medications throughout the day.  Intractable epilepsy is a seizure disorder in which seizures failure to come under control with treatment.  Logan continues to go with whatever is needed!

In 2014 Logan’s neurologist has completed studies that would make Logan a surgery candidate. Logan has an abnormal area on his left temporal lobe where the seizures tend to start. Since his seizures are local to this area, there was hope that if we opted to remove this area, he could possibly be seizure free. Discussions were done for a complete craniotomy to remove the “bad” area. In March 2014, we received the wonderful news that Logan could have laser ablation surgery instead of an extreme craniotomy. The laser surgery is still quite extensive brain surgery, however the healing time and health risks involved are less.

Logan used to have seizures almost every other day and even more frequently than that at times. Now he averages about 1 a month. Logan’s seizures greatly affect his speech. After a seizure, he typically is unable to form words to talk for a few minutes. Then it can also take him longer to process his thoughts for what he wants to say. Logan receives extra weekly therapy with speech, PT and OT to assist delays in his body that the seizures have caused.

Logan’s smile can brighten up the room

Logan is very social and will not let his seizures slow him down a second! He is truly a trooper and our little hero for all he endures with laboratory work-ups and hospital tests and stay-cations. He would enlighten your day if you had a chance to get to know him. Logan’s smile can brighten up the room!

The Facebook page Logan’s Link was set up to help raise awareness of epilepsy and of the trials that Logan is experiencing. It’s for family and friends to be able to have their updates on Logan, as Logan has many caring people praying for him!
Logan and his family appreciate all your continued thoughts and prayers!