New Video in the Campi Series- Let’s learn about Epilepsy and Sport!

To celebrate International Epilepsy Day 2019, we present the fourth video in our series featuring International Epilepsy Day mascot, Campi the seahorse.

In this video, Campi meets a new friend- Stella Starfish, who also has epilepsy.  Stella loves to play football but her team coach is not sure that it’s safe for her to play. Watch the video to find out how she solves this problem, and what she and Campi learn about epilepsy and sports.

This latest animation is part of a series of educational stories, specially suited to young children. Together with the videos, we are creating a teachers’ pack to help educators to use the tool in the classroom. First up is a page to colour in.

You can watch more videos featuring Campi on International Epilepsy Day’s YouTube Channel here.

January 16th, 2019|

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