To celebrate International Epilepsy Day 2018, we ran an international photography competition for all ages with the theme ‘Life is Beautiful’. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who took part in the competition this year.

Our judging panel had a mammoth task in carefully considering the almost 3,000 photographs that were submitted to the competition. They are: Mrs Carol d’Souza (India), Mrs Heather Davies (Scotland), Mrs Carina Jonkers (Netherlands), Dr Jorge Förster (Chile) and Mr Baiqiu Zhang (China). The IBE and ILAE wish to extend our gratitude to them.

There were two categories – under 12 years of age and over 12 years of age. Twelve winners from around the world will share in the US$2,000 prize fund.

Over 12s Category Winners:

Oyuncu' - Leyla Emektar - Turkey

1st Prize – US$500:

Leyla Emektar

'Bond of Memories' - Niraj Gera - India

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Bond of Memories’
Niraj Gera

Beautiful Mind - Sandipani Chattopadhyay - India

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Beautiful Mind’
Sandipani Chattopadhyay

'Harvest' - Peng Yuan - China

Runner-up – US$100:

Peng Yuan

'Monsoon Splash' - Ata Adnan - Bangladesh

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Monsoon Splash’
Ata Adnan

'U will Like it' - Mithail Afrige Chowdhury - Bangladesh

Runner-up – US$100:

‘U Will Like it’
Mithail Afrige Chowdhury

Under 12s Category Winners:

'Love makes life beautiful' - Morris van der Smaal, aged 3 yrs., Netherlands

1st Prize – US$500:

‘Love makes life beautiful’
Morris van der Smaal, aged 3 years. Netherlands

“For Morris it does not matter who or what Roos is and what she can or cannot do… Roos is just Roos. She is his big sister, he loves her and life is beautiful with her. And he is so right. It is beautiful with her!”

Iris van der Meer, mother of Morris van de Smaal, Under 12s Category Winner
Live the Moment - ABRIL CULEBRAS CAÑAS - 12 yrs - Spain

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Live the Moment’
Abril Culebras Canas, aged 12 years

Little Miracle - Fatima Yusuf - 10 yrs - India

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Little Miracle’
Fatima Yusuf, aged 10 years

Sunset Cows - Cate Gusentine - 12 yrs - USA

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Sunset Cows’
Cate Gusentine, aged 12 years

Life is beautiful - Amir Mohammad Dehghan - 10 yrs - Iran

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Life is beautiful’
Amir Mohammad Dehghan, aged 10 years

Beautiful day - Tiago Terre Neves - 10 yrs - Portugal

Runner-up – US$100:

‘Beautiful day’
Tiago Terre Neves, aged 10 years