On February 8, Dr Michele Simonato will present a seminar to the clinicians, residents and medical students of the San Raffaele Hospital, in Milan.
The seminar is entitled “Modulating gene expression in epilepsy. Mechanisms and tools for intervention, from microRNAs to gene therapy vectors” and will be co-resented by me and my collaborators Paolo Roncon and Gianluca Verlengia. Dr Simonato will emphasise the importance of the Epilepsy Day and of the Resolution on Epilepsy.

Also on February 8, AICE Lazio (Associazione Contro l’Epilessia Lazio) together  with the Epilepsy Center of Latina will celebrate  the International Epilepsy Day with a Press Conference. The event will be held at

“Consiglio Regionale del Lazio”
Via della Pisana 1301

with the presence of  the President of the Consiglio Regionale Lazio Rodolfo Lena , the President of AICE Lazio Umberto Avvisati , the Lawyer of AICE Lazio Stefano Cattarulla  and Angela Teresa  Director of Epilepsy Center of Latina.