The Epilepsy and Environment Association of Georgia celebrated International Epilepsy Day by emphasising the slogans “Epilepsy is More Than Seizure” and “Yes, I Can”.

A press release was distributed to all major information agencies in Georgia and also to the Ministry of Health
Information was published in one of the most popular internet newspaper, Netgazeti. Posters for the event were also translated into Georgian and disseminated.

On February 8, twenty minutes of one of the most popular talk shows on Georgian TV was devoted to International Epilepsy Day.

On February 10, free patient consultations day at the SEIN-SKUH Epilepsy Centre was held. A large number of patients were seen in the centre. Patients and accompanying persons were informed about the International Epilepsy Day celebration and major messages were discussed with them. Some of the patients agreed to participate in “Yes, I can” photo session.

Materials were placed on the SEIN-SKUH Epilepsy Centre Facebook page.