On International Epilepsy Day we were delighted to announce the two winners of US$ 1,000 each in our Photo Competition, but there were over 300 entries and we just have to show you some of our other favourites.

First, have a look at the winners of the Phone/Tablet category, Alessandra Prada, and the Camera Category, Kenneth Oakes.

We have picked six of our other top photos from the hundreds of entries. You can see all the entries at our Photo Competition Gallery.

1. Yes My Big Leap, Dipesh Bhatt, India
Yes My Big Leap - Dipesh Bhatt

2. Playing, Dipayan Bhar, India

3. Yes, I Can Fly, Plabon Das, India
Yes I Can Fly - Plabon Das
4. To Accomplish, Majda Dejlová, Czech Republic
To Accomplish - Majda Dejlová

5. Finger Painting, Lisa Cummings, USA
Finger Painting - Lisa Cummings

6. Laetitia Et Celestine, Jérôme Camphyn-Payelleville, France
Jérôme Camphyn-Payelleville - Laetitia et Célestine