Epilepsie-France will participate in International Epilepsy Day this year with several events at national and regional level.

At the national level, International Epilepsy Day events will be based on a press campaign aiming at a better knowledge of epilepsy by the general public: a press release will be written and a press conference given by the Epilepsie-France president. A media campaign will also be launched on TV, radios and Internet.

At the regional level, several raising awareness actions will be organised by Epilepsie-France local representatives:

Aquitaine, on February 7, a tea-time-coupled concert will be organised at 3:30PM, with the choir “Croq’Notes” in Pessac (please refer to the attached flyer). Booking: +33 5 56 78 23 79. Contact: epilepsie33@ml.free.fr
o In the Pyrenees, an information stand will be installed in the Bayonne hospital on February 8, from 9:00AM to 4:30PM, with the collaboration of the hospital neurologist and the hospital communication service. Contact: 64@epilepsie-france.fr

Poitou-Charentes, on February 8, a raising awareness stand will be held all day long in the Niort hospital, with the collaboration of the neurophysiology unit. On February 13, 2 panel discussions will be organised about 1) Treatments, security and prevention and 2) Education and specialised establishments for epileptic children and adults. Contact: 17@epilepsie-france.fr

Brittany, a raising awareness day will be held on February 11, in the Lorient hospital and 2 doctors of the hospital will give a conference concerning SUDEP in epilepsy. Contact: 29@epilepsie-france.fr

Normandy, an event will be organised in the hospital of Avranches-Granville, in collaboration with a neurologist of the hospital. Contact: jackydufay@orange.fr

In the North, the International Epilepsy Day will be held with a two-weeks time lag due to the school holidays. On February 24, the movie “…First do no harm” (French title “Au risque de te perdre”) will be shown (theatre Jean Renoir, Douchy). A debate will follow between the organisers, partner neurologists and high school students who chose to prepare a school project on epilepsy. Contact: 59@epilepsie-france.fr

In the region of Franche-Comté the local representatives have developed a partnership with flower shops so that purple flowers will be sold and information about life with epilepsy, especially for children will be given. Contact : d.dannecker@orange.fr

In the Rhône, a raising awareness action will be held in a medical technology company in Trévoux on the topic “Epilepsy and professional activity”.