To celebrate International Epilepsy Day the Turkish Chapters of the International League Against Epilepsy and the International Bureau for Epilepsy partnered with UCB Turkey.

Together they set up information stands in shopping mall, held seminars and sent information letters to improve the attitudes towards people with epilepsy.

seminar• Shopping Malls: 1,000 brochures distributed at booths at one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul
• 6,200 brochures & 930 posters sent to “workplace physicians” who work at big companies with a large number of employees
• Information email about epilepsy sent to more than 200 media editors
• 800 brochures distributed at the trade center where hundreds of people work
• Distribution of the press release with a reach of 147,298
• 3,200 brochures & 120 posters distributed to the doctors/patient/patient relatives in the hospitals by the field force
• More than 80 visitors attended seminars which were held with the collaboration of the local authorities. Two neurologists made a speech to the public at two different provinces of Istanbul and addressed questions in their speech.